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The roof of your commercial building is prime real estate. Adding roof-top air conditioning units? Thinking about solar panels? You may be hesitant because the building wasn’t designed to hold the additional weight. We can help! Habco Erectors, Inc is the premier specialist in the repair, replacement and reinforcement of steel roof systems. We have over 30 years experience and whatever you need your roof to hold, we can make it possible.


Whether you know all the design loads for your building, or are lost in a jungle of upgrades and retrofits, HABCO erectors can determine what your roof will hold and and design the most efficient reinforcement solution to make your expansion plans a reality.


HABCO was founded in 1984 by Philip T. Hodge, PE. As a Professional Engineer and Certified Welder, Phil had experience working with structural fabricators and erectors, consulting engineers, and steel joist fabricators. He saw that lots of very good companies made very strong joists, lots of qualified engineers and architects did a wonderful job of specifying them, and many erectors do a perfect job of installing them. But then what? Owners have constantly evolving needs for their buildings, and there was no one out there experienced and qualified to design and install modifications to steel joist roof systems. Armed with his experience heading the research department of a major joist fabricator, plus his Master’s thesis “Lateral Stability of Steel Joists”, Phil (also known as Dr. Bar Joist) formed HABCO to fill that gap. Quickly expanding to all types of steel buildings, Phil and his associates have successfully reinforced, retrofitted, repaired, rebuilt and redesigned hundreds of steel buildings throughout North America.


Colby Yarger has more than 12 years experience running his own successful business, and more than 10 years experience as a regular contributor to HABCO projects. Now taking the helm managing HABCO’s business side, Colby is focused on the future, bringing exciting new ideas for marketing and expansion. Colby and his wife Miranda have two young sons and a brand new daughter.


Amy Lorentz, has a masters degree in Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and did further graduate work at Iowa State University in Computer Science. Amy started at Habco as a programmer, but soon branched out to steel fitter, then engineering technician and project manager. Amy enjoys all aspects of Habco projects, including welding. She is studying engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and should complete this degree in December.


A skilled team of AWS certified welders, experienced fitters and groundsmen make up the HABCO crew.



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