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Habco specializes in design-build structural reinforcement and retrofitting of existing steel buildings for an array of applications: HVAC units, conveyors, refrigeration, piping, hoists, cranes, snowdrift, uplift, among other building modifications to accommodate the evolving needs of facility owners.

With our efficient designs and experienced installers, we can often double the capacity of steel bar joists, girders, beams, and columns.

Habco also designs and installs roof platforms, pipe racks, roof frames, among many other miscellaneous steel items.
But we specialize in reinforcing and repairing steel bar joists, girders, beams, and columns for added building loads, human error, or natural disaster.
In-house engineering allows for an integrated, fully comprehensive, task-specific approach to efficiently accomplish your facility’s growing needs.

Our experienced crew will safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively complete your project tailored to your specific needs.

Habco prides itself in the ability to work in cooperation with onsite leadership, and coordinate strategies that will create minimal disruption to normal production and workflow.

In house engineering allows Habco to respond quickly and effectively to fluid and changing site conditions and customer requests, even after business hours and on weekends.

At Habco, safety is our number one concern. We care deeply for our team members and their families, motivating our leadership to require a level of safety that ensures our team will return home to their families in the same manner they left them. A byproduct of our team’s safety practices is the enhanced safety to those working around us.

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